Huge 31″ Pipestone Buffalo Pipe w/ Swirled Sumac Stem


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This is an exceptionally large buffalo pipe made out of Sacred Red Pipestone and it will make an excellent ceremonial pipe.

Because this type of stone holds up extremely well to heat, Sacred Pipestone is some of the most sought after carving stone to use for ceremonial pipes.  Quarriers work extremely hard to quarry this stone.  It’s a very labor intensive undertaking.  The stone must be quarried in the same way it was 100’s of years ago.  It can take months to work through the Sioux quartzite to get to the Sacred Catlinite.
This huge buffalo pipe bowl measures nearly 9″ long and it is just shy of being 4-1/2″ tall.
Loud Thunder is the artist who made this pipe and stem.  He is a 6th generation pipe maker who now lives near Pipestone, MN.  Loud Thunder works as a paramedic on the Rosebud Indian Reservation.  In his spare time, he enjoys quarrying pipestone and shaping it into personal and ceremonial pipes.  He has already signed this pipe.
He’s paired this large buffalo pipe with a sumac stem that he swirled.
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