Circle Trail Booklet from the Pipestone National Monument (New)


Pipestone National Monument Circle Trail Booklet

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This little booklet is what you take with you when you walk the ‘Circle Trail’ at the Pipestone National Monument in Pipestone MN.  It was originally published, printed, and distributed by  the Pipestone Indian Shrine Association.  This is a revised copy that was printed in 2006. 

The National Monument has been set aside so that Native Americans can continue to quarry the Sacred Pipestone.  This booklet will explain exactly what you’d be looking at if you were walking the trail.  It  addresses 14 different stops along the Circle Trail, (and the 3 Maidens) and give you the historical context of it.  Some of the highlighted stops other than the 3 Maidens are the Oracle, Leaping Rock, Nicollet Marker, Winnewissa Falls and the Spotted Pipe Quarry Pit.  It’s just an inexpensive and interesting little 15 page booklet.



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