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Nearly every Indian tribe uses a sub-species of this plant in one way or another. It is a spicy, bitter, warm root said to act on the lungs and stomach to release toxins, phlegm and body gases. Also used for colds, flu, fevers, coughs, indigestion and rheumatism. It can be burned to perfume the hair and clothing and singers chew it to relieve sore throats. Other names include Sweet Flag, Sweet Sedge, Myrtle Flat and Sweet Rush Root.
Osha Root has become increasingly difficult to find. It only grows in certain locations and at specific elevations. We have been fortunate enough to find a person who harvests this in a good way, planting behind him as he harvests…to make sure it continues to be available in the future.
Osha Root is available only in 1 oz, 4 oz,  8 oz, and 1 LB packages.
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