10″ Spotted Mic-Mac Pipe w/ Cedar Stem


Handcrafted by Darwin Wallenburg

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This is a Spotted Catlinite Mic-Mac style ceremonial pipe and it comes with a cedar stem.

The pipe bowl is app 2″ long and it stands app 3″ tall.  This pipe is crafted like many of the older style mic mac pipes were crafted. The bowl is flared where the tobacco goes in and it’s square where the stem goes in.  In Lar Hothem’s book:  Catlinite Pipes, you will find a pipe very similar to this one.  It has 3 holes in the keel with indentations in the base.  The rounded parts of the bottom of the pipe have multiple tally marks.  A leather strip is used to connect the stone pipe bowl and the stem, using one of these holes. The original pipe that this was fashioned after was from Winnebago County, WI.
The total length of the pipe is 10-3/8″ when the cedar stem is inserted.  This pipe will make a very nice personal or ceremonial pipe for someone.
Catlinite or Red Pipestone is a material that holds up to heat very well.  Because of that, it is an ideal material to use for pipes.

Darwin Wallenburg is the artist who made this pipe.  If you’d like your pipe signed by him, he’ll be happy to do it.  You will find a small area on the order form where you can leave us a ‘note’  and he will sign it with his Indian name.   If you’d like to see a lot of effigy and or custom pipes crafted by Darwin, check out the Ceremonial Pipes album on the Lakota Creations Facebook Page.   

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