Mic Mac Pipe w/ Beaded Stem (14″)


Handcrafted by Darwin Wallenburg

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 This is a Mic Mac Pipe bowl that comes with a beaded stem.   

The stone pipe bowl is 3″ long and it also stands 3″ tall.   Most of the old mic mac pipes are relatively small in size.  This is actually one of the larger ones you might see.  This pipe has a series of holes drilled towards the bottom of it that is not just for decoration.  A leather strip is used to connect the stone pipe bowl and the stem, using one of these holes.

The total length of the Mic Mac pipe and stem when connected is 14″. This pipe will make a very nice personal or ceremonial pipe for someone.
Steatite or Black Pipestone is a material that holds up to heat very well.  Because of that, it makes it an ideal material to use for pipes like this one.

This pipe comes standard with a 12″ beaded redwood stem.  If you purchase this pipe, you have the option to upgrade to a hard wood stem.  Black walnut, ash, cherry, and aromatic cedar are the different types of wood available.  Your upgraded stem will be decorated in a similar manner as the one in the photo.

Darwin Wallenburg is the artist who made this pipe.  You will find a small area on the order form where you can leave us a ‘note’ if you’d like your pipe signed by him.  He will sign it with his Indian name.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

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