Multi-Colored Pipestone Tomahawk Pipe 7-1/2″


Handcrafted by Darwin Wallenburg

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This tomahawk pipe was made using spotted stone from the Pipestone National Monument.  Spotted stone is some of the most sought after carving stone in the world because of it’s beauty.
The stone pipe bowl measures app 3″ long and it is 2″ tall. Paired with a beaded stem, the length is 9″.
Most everything has meaning and symbolic significance when it comes to Native Americana.  The etching on this tomahawk pipe is no exception.
On both sides, you’ll find the eagle feather staff or the Native American flag which you would normally see during the grand entry of a powwow.
The friendship feathers etched onto the front of the pipe represent 2 people who are extremely close.  These feathers could represent a husband and wife, 2 brothers, a father and son, 2 best friends, or any special relationship like that.
The trees on the back of the pipe can signify a couple of different things.  I once heard that it represents a family that continues to grow and get bigger as the years go by. It can also represent a persons life… as he/she grows from a child through adulthood.
This pipe might make a great gift for the person who is going on their first vision quests…or the young person who is needing their very first canupa.
All pipes come standard with an unbeaded Cedar Stem unless otherwise noted…although this pipe does come with some nice stem options. (including hardwood stems as well as beadwork and leather fringes) This pipe is pictured with a beaded Redwood Stem.
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