How to Carve a Native American Pipe (New)


New DIY Pipe Carving Book

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This is a brand new book written by Travis Erickson and Stanley Buckles.  It was first published in 2016. 

You can read Travis’s story on the back of the book. (and in one of the pictures)  

This book basically takes you through the process of making a ceremonial pipe and stem  He starts by telling you all the tools you’ll need and then going into ‘Finding the right piece of stone, What type of pipe to carve, and then gets right into exactly how to carve that pipe.  There are many color photo’s in the book to go along with his instructions.  He also has included a couple of ‘templates’ for both a T pipe and a woman’s pipe that you can cut out if you need to.

I think you’ll find this book very helpful if you aren’t an experienced pipemaker and if you decide to purchase one of our pipe blanks or raw pieces of carving stone.



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