The Way of the Sacred Pipe (New)

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The Way of the Sacred Pipe (new and autographed copy)


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The Way of the Sacred Pipe, “The care and use of the Native American Sacred Pipe.”  “Uncommon Assistance” For an Uncommon Time.

This is a brand new book written by Jim Tree.  It was first published in 2004.  This is a 1st edition copy.  The author took the time to sign this book for the eventual owner.

For centuries the only way to get the information in this book was to hear it firsthand.   Many people today don’t have easy access to a Medicine Man or Spiritual advisor.  This book puts the information in print for the first time.  If you are wondering if carrying a canupa is for you, you will find this book very helpful.  It talks about how to care for the pipe and stem, proper protocol concerning elders and ceremonies, whether a pipe might be right for you.  It even talks about how to ‘retire’ a pipe.  You can read through the entire table of contents in the pictures.

I think you’ll find this book very helpful if your pretty new to this and have questions pertaining to the Sacred Pipe, ceremonies, protocol, etc…

We also have many other books dvd’s and cd’s that you may find helpful.



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1 review for The Way of the Sacred Pipe (New)

  1. Sara Vogel (verified owner)

    I purchased the book, The Way of the Pipe by Jim Tree to go with the pipe in the same order. My international package arrived within 10 days, was beautifully packed and insured.

    The book is the perfect reference for the pipe. Although I have been working with a shaman, we have not gone in depth on how a sacred pipe is utilized. If not for the book, I would have jumped right on “figuring it out on my own” without the proper understanding and reverence the pipe deserves.

    Additionally, the book arrived signed by Jim Tree. I don’t think this was a printed signature. It appears real, and I felt it was a blessing for the reader. It was profound.
    I would order again and highly recommend supporting this business.

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