The Way of the Sacred Pipe (New)


The Way of the Sacred Pipe (new and autographed copy)


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The Way of the Sacred Pipe, “The care and use of the Native American Sacred Pipe.”  “Uncommon Assistance” For an Uncommon Time.

This is a brand new book written by Jim Tree.  It was first published in 2004.  This is a 1st edition copy.  This book has been autographed by the author.

This book takes what for centuries was only shared orally and puts it in print for anyone who might be wondering if they are called to carry a canupa.  It talks about how to care for the pipe and stem, proper protocol concerning elders and ceremonies, whether a pipe might be right for you, and even how to ‘retire’ a pipe.  You can read through the entire table of contents in the pictures.

I think you’ll find this book very helpful if your pretty new to this and have questions pertaining to the Sacred Pipe, ceremonies, protocol, etc…



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