Translucent White Pipestone or Carving Stone ~Great for Carving Animal Effigies (7-1/2″ x 5-1/4″ x 2-1/2″)


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This is a very nice piece of white translucent alabaster. It can be used to make an all white pipe…or you could use it like we most often do…and that is to make white animal effigies and then affix them to a red, black, or colored ceremonial pipe.  It’s thick enough that it could be used for some nice sculptures as well.
This type of stone will work to make a pipe out of, but we feel that it doesn’t hold up to heat as well as some of the other carving stones that we sell. We recommend to people (when they ask about getting an all white pipe) that they just use it for special ceremonies or occasions.
This type of stone is virtually 100% white by nature…and all we do to finish it is work a type of light oil into it.
This stone is one of the softest types of carving stone that we sell. It is almost too soft sometimes, as it will not hold detail (like a buffalo’s horns) like our other types of stone will.
This piece measures 7-1/2″ along the bottom and it is app 5-1/4″ tall. The stone is 2-1/2″ thick.
It is a very nice type of carving stone and you are sure to be pleased with it.

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