Wahancanka ~ Remember Me Grandfather (Lakota Pipe & Ceremonial Songs)


Lakota Pipe and Ceremonial Songs

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Wahancanka-Pipe/Ceremonial Remember me Grandfather-Sacred pipe & ceremonial songs illustrating the Lakota spiritual way of life.

Of Ihunktowan Dakota/Sicangu Lakota heritage, Joseph Shields Jr., was raised in the traditional way as a ceremonial singer and medicine man. Carrying on the tradition of his forefathers, he is a keeper of Lakota culture and song. Feeling that they should be preserved for coming generations, he presents these sacred songs that illustrate the Lakota spiritual way of life. 

    1. Pipe Song
    2. Veterans Song
    3. Thunder Being Song
    4. Song Giving Thanks
    5. Encouragement Song
    6. Pipe Song
    7. Spotted Eagle Song
    8. Encouragement Song
    9. Chant Song
    10. Encouragement Pipe Song
    11. Spiritual Spider Song
    12. Encouragement Song
    13. Going On Song





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